Advancing a more sustainable and nourishing food system is more urgent than ever. Our recent funding will accelerate the scaling of our team, product portfolio, and geographic footprint — all part of our quest to create the world’s most ambitious cheese.

The Dream(-ery) Team

Stockeld Dreamery was started because we love cheese, but…

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Vi på Stockeld Dreamery lanserar nu vår första ost, Stockeld Chunk, efter 2,5 år av forskning och utveckling. Jag har hunnit med en del i min karriär, men aldrig lanserat en ost. Välkommen bakom kulisserna. …

We’re launching Stockeld Chunk, our first cheese, at Stockeld Dreamery following 2.5 years of research and development. I’ve done a lot in my career, but never before launched a cheese: Welcome behind the scenes. …

I couldn’t be more excited about my next professional adventure, joining Sorosh and Anja as Head of Strategy and Special Projects for Stockeld Dreamery. Here’s why.

From mid-2017 onwards, I’ve worked as a consultant to the The Rockefeller Foundation Food Team. I also became a mentor to various accelerators and…

Only one way to really find out: Rolling up my sleeves and becoming an advisor to vertical farming startup Urban Oasis.

Urban Oasis

Vertical indoor farming (sometimes lumped together with greenhouse farming, and called Controlled Environment Agriculture) is the ability to cultivate some crops vertically. So what’s the big deal?

Vertical farming…

(Flickr CC Joe Newman)

For some time, I’ve been advising BIOMILQ, a U.S. biotech startup with an incredibly exciting technology. This week, they had a scientific breakthrough — they were able to cultivate something close to breastmilk in a bioreactor.

Much more work is needed, but I think this innovation might change the whole game.

I’m incredibly thrilled, and humbled, by the work of Michelle Egger and Leila Strickland, PhD, CMPP

Press coverage by AgFunder and The Spoon — and check out BIOMILQ’s post below!

To explore if it can be done, I’m now a Senior Advisor to Noquo Foods.

I’m excited by how breakthrough science, innovation and technology are helping us advance a more nourishing, and environmentally sustainable, food system. …

Daniel Skaven Ruben

AgTech and FoodTech geek. Passionate about how technology and innovation can make the world better.

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